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It's not too often that a classic cowboy blows the dust off his career and takes it digital, but that's exactly what country legend, Mundo Earwood, has done with this website. If you've ever pondered the idea, "Where is Mundo Earwood?", you've wandered to the right place, partner.

You may have seen Mundo perform "Behind Blue Eyes" at a smoky club in San Antonio, danced the night away with your friends at a dance hall in Houston, or maybe found a rare 45 with some of his classic tracks tucked away in an attic or record shop. Mundo is alive and well, playing and making music for past generations and the music lovers of today, and through this website and Mundo's presence on Facebook and Twitter, you can connect, or reconnect with this living legend firsthand.

So saddle up and get ready to ride. This official website for Mundo Earwood promises to deliver timeless treasures from 1972 through 1982 - and even today's modern additions to his career. Don't forget to say "HOWDY!" and stay connected.

Raymond "Mundo" Earwood was born on October 13, 1952, in Del Rio, Texas, to parents, Darrel and Hazel. The family relocated to Corpus Christi, Texas, where Earwood was raised. Though neither of Earwood's parents were musical, he was given frequent opportunities to perform his renditions of Hank Williams' songs on guitar for barbecues and dances every weekend at his parent's "dude ranch". At age 13, Earwood knew his talents were valuable, and he began taking guitar lessons and writing his own music.

In 1970, Earwood graduated from high school and quickly moved to Houston, where he attended San Jacinto College. In reality, Earwood knew college was not for him, and he wanted to be connected to a larger community in a more prominent city. Earwood immediately put an ad in a local newspaper to hire a band, and began playing for $8 at any venue that would book him. Earwood quickly began to release several records on small Houston labels, and quickly peaked the interest of regional listeners. After a year and a half in college, Earwood ended his academic career with San Jacinto College in 1971.

Shortly thereafter, Earwood's manager took him to Nashville to cut his first major national release, "Behind Blue Eyes", which peaked at #57 on the Billboard charts. "Behind Blue Eyes", which was initially released on Earwood's own lable, Raywood, and eventually sold to national label, Royal America, spent eight weeks at #1 on the Houston radio charts, six months total on the Houston charts, as well, and a long tenure on the national charts. Earwood found himself, at age 18, performing with his heroes at the Grand Ol' Opry, countless festivals, and several shows with a wealth of talent and many industry superstars.

However, due to contract issues, Earwood's success lost much of its steam and luster, and the rising star found himself in the position to gain that momentum once again. Earwood released several charting tracks over the following years, including "Let's Hear it for Loneliness", "Lonesome as a Cowboy" and "I Can Give You Love". Despite various label changes, including a brief stint as "Mundo Ray," Earwood saw another spurt of success with "Behind Blue Eyes" in 1977, with its re-release on another label.

In 1977, Earwood was offered an opportunity with RCA, which his manager, at the time, declined, after intense negotiations. Though Earwood decided to turn down the offer from this major player in the music industry, he still found tremendous success the following year with the track "Things I'd Do For You", which soared to #18 on the national charts. This same time period also produced hits, such as "Fooled Around and Fell in Love", "Angelene", and "My Heart is Not My Own".

In 1980, Earwood found his next prominent burst of momentum with the release of "You're in Love with the Wrong Man", which hit #27 on the Billboard charts. This popular track was a significant variation from Earwood's typical repertoire, as it featured a 4/4, upbeat swing-style feel, which was very popular at the time. Similar to the phenomenon that occurred in 1972, Earwood was quickly thrust into super stardom once again, and throngs of people clutched on to his music.

Much like the sun rises and quickly fades toward the West, Earwood's time in the limelight rolled away like a tumbleweed in the wind. Many fans have questioned through the years, "Where did Mundo go?" The fact is - Earwood never "went". Earwood continued to write music, perform any opportunity possible, network with other musicians, and take part in an industry that is constantly changing and rotating in new talent.

Earwood still resides in the Humble area, and is married to his wife, Carol Jean, or "Jeannie", and works for an engineering and inspection group, called DPIS. Earwood is constantly writing music and performing live, with local band, "Southern Comfort". Earwood is a writer of captivating story songs, a pure voice, and raw talent in the country industry, and will be remembered as one of the greats in the 1970s, 1980s and beyond.
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